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How to increase traffic to your blog

I run several blogs and I always wondered – from the first day that I started – how to increase the number of visitors and comments. I started surfing and found lots and lots of information and tips. Ranging from: “be provocative” to posting many comments on other blogs that have the same topics as your own blog. So that people who are interested can find your blog.

And yes, those things work for sure. But, in the end there is nothing like a well picked title. It must be snappy, short, to the point and draw attention.

But if I look at the statistics for my blog. One thing cannot be denied. The word ‘sexy’ pays off big time in cyberspace. The article ‘sexy hips’ I wrote some time ago about Shakira (yes, I worship her) is still getting a lot of hits. From search engines. Everyday at least ten or more people find my blog because they typed in the words sexy hips, or sexy shakira or sexy nerd (Yes, I know. I’m hot) into an internet search engine. There is no doubt about it. The word sexy is important. No wonder they call everything trendy ‘sexy’ in marketing. I always knew there was a real reason!

Another idea to increase traffic. Get a discussion going. How? Just ask the readers to voice their opinion. Invite them to write comments. Yes, you heard me: start writing those comments!!!

And here is one of the links I found while searching for tips:



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Hand-to-hand combat on the Jerry Springer show

Ok, sometimes I can enjoy a good ‘talk’ show, but since most of those shows are all talk and no action…They can get pretty tiresome, even for a hardcore nerd like me. Hence, I can enjoy them sometimes. I get tired of them after a few weeks, stop watching until I forget why I got tired of them and then I watch again. But fortunately, not all talk shows are without breathtaking action. Yes, I’m talking about the regular wrestling competitions and boxing matches on the Jerry Springer show. That, I never get tired of. And the best thing is: No rules. Yeah! Here are some clips I found on youtube that I can enjoy in my current angry nerd mood.

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Canadian seal massacre

Lets be blunt. These ‘hunters’ are monsters. There, I said it. And it must be said. There are no other words for it. Year after year I see the same shameful images on TV, and as I am not just a crazed nerd but also a devout animal lover, it really pisses me off. What the hell are those people thinking? Have they ever heard of the word conscience? It would appear not.

And this kind of column pisses me off big time. I mean, come on.

The truth today is that there are now about 6 million of these seals, and they are not spending all the time lolling defencelessly on the ice. They are very efficient eaters of fish.

They eat 1.5 tonnes of fish a year each, and given that there are only 50,000 tonnes of cod left off Newfoundland and Labrador, you can see that the ecosystem is badly out of whack.

Yeah right. If we don’t wipe out their cubs – who coincidentally have soft fur that is popular with snobby celeb wannabes – all the fish will be eaten in the sea. They can all juggle the numbers around as much as they want. The fish-stocks are diminishing globally. Overfishing is the real and global threat to the environment that apparently many people do not take very seriously.
As far as I know, killing hundreds of thousands of seals can even be bad for the fish-stocks. Since those seals also eat ‘predator’ fish to put it simply. You know, the bigger fish eat the smaller fish? Well, if the seal numbers diminish, so will the number of those fish being eaten by the seals, which creates an unbalance. yet again.

You could find what looks like a more humane way of bumping off the seals, such as shooting them. The trouble is that this method is barely more humane than clubbing, and the gunshot lead is expensive and not environmentally friendly.

Oh yeah, this makes even more sense. Shooting an animal in the head is barely more humane. Right. I suppose hitting an animal over the head with a blunt object is way better. And naturally skinning seals alive is good for their welfare. I am impressed. Let me ask you a question: If you could choose to get shot through the head and be done with it, or be struck over the head until you finally kick the bucket. What would you pick?

Very ethical of course:

The five eminent vets – two British, two American and one Canadian – who monitored last week’s hunt in the Gulf of St Lawrence found that more than 40% of the seals caught were unlikely to have been unconscious, let alone dead, when they were skinned.

And for what? All because of the fur industry. All because somewhere out there there are men and women who couldn’t care less what happens to these animals or the environment. This can make me so angry at times.

Oh, and one other thing. Sometimes these so-called experts – read fur traders – will point out that animal activists are misleading the public with images of white seal cubs. Since they can no longer be killed. Well, I hate to be a nitpick but:

The killing of newborn seals – those that still have their white fur – is outlawed, but because the animals lose their white coats just 12 days after birth, up to 90% of those caught in the Canadian hunt are between two weeks and one year old.

After twelve days they lose their white pelt. They are still just cubs that can hardly fend for themselves. To claim that it is inhumane to kill a cub of 10 days of age, but acceptable to kill a cub of 19 days of age is misleading the public. They just lost their white pelt. That’s all.

If you want to read more about the environment, ethics and animals be free to visit my other blog

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