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How to increase traffic to your blog

I run several blogs and I always wondered – from the first day that I started – how to increase the number of visitors and comments. I started surfing and found lots and lots of information and tips. Ranging from: “be provocative” to posting many comments on other blogs that have the same topics as your own blog. So that people who are interested can find your blog.

And yes, those things work for sure. But, in the end there is nothing like a well picked title. It must be snappy, short, to the point and draw attention.

But if I look at the statistics for my blog. One thing cannot be denied. The word ‘sexy’ pays off big time in cyberspace. The article ‘sexy hips’ I wrote some time ago about Shakira (yes, I worship her) is still getting a lot of hits. From search engines. Everyday at least ten or more people find my blog because they typed in the words sexy hips, or sexy shakira or sexy nerd (Yes, I know. I’m hot) into an internet search engine. There is no doubt about it. The word sexy is important. No wonder they call everything trendy ‘sexy’ in marketing. I always knew there was a real reason!

Another idea to increase traffic. Get a discussion going. How? Just ask the readers to voice their opinion. Invite them to write comments. Yes, you heard me: start writing those comments!!!

And here is one of the links I found while searching for tips:



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Hand-to-hand combat on the Jerry Springer show

Ok, sometimes I can enjoy a good ‘talk’ show, but since most of those shows are all talk and no action…They can get pretty tiresome, even for a hardcore nerd like me. Hence, I can enjoy them sometimes. I get tired of them after a few weeks, stop watching until I forget why I got tired of them and then I watch again. But fortunately, not all talk shows are without breathtaking action. Yes, I’m talking about the regular wrestling competitions and boxing matches on the Jerry Springer show. That, I never get tired of. And the best thing is: No rules. Yeah! Here are some clips I found on youtube that I can enjoy in my current angry nerd mood.

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Sexy hips…

…Yes, sexy hips. Who or what am I talking about? Good question, and as you well know, you never know for sure when talking to a nerd. But, of course it is not very difficult to gather who I am talking about. I am a nerd, spend way too much time behind the computer and tv and have no life. So, it must be some celeb that I am ranting about at this moment. And she is famous for her sexy hip movements. Ergo, I am talking about Shakira and her famous belly-dances and amazing voice.

Not surprisingly I have a thing for Shakira. I can’t help it, Who doesn’t digg a chick who plays the guitar? The more I think about it, the more she becomes the embodiment of the perfect girl. She is an exotic beauty with a varied multicultural background, her father is an American of lebanese-catholic ‘extration’ and her mother is a Colombian of Italian-Spanish decent. Wow, that’s five nations. On top of that, according to Wikipedia she has an IQ of 140. Great, brains and beauty. Plus, I can’t stand stupid people. Which is very natural since my IQ is so high nobody has ever been able to measure it. (Oh I am such a narcissist)

She can dance, belly-dance, has amazing vocal abilities and Shakira doesn’t only sing in English (because we hear that enough already), she sings in Spanish too. That I find refreshing, for now anyway. More and more artists are dropping Spanish and Portugese lines in their lyrics these days and it won’t be long before I get tired of it.

And thanks to Shakira I found out that I actually like the Spanish language and have recently started studying. Thank you Shakira for the many hours I will spend behind my desk cramming words and Spanish grammar in my thick skull. But, it’s worth it. It’s a world language and it sounds sexy. Well, except when some fat Mexican guy starts jibba jabbing… *sigh*

And lucky that I am, I just happened to have an old Spanish course lying around the attic. If I study hard enough, soon I might understand what she is singing about in this clip…

Wish me luck! Oh, and well now. I just did my very first nerd rant on my blog. About the Spanish language and Shakira! The things I don’t occupy myself with day to day.

Want to know more about Shakira? Click here.

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