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Big Brother online…even ghosts pitch in!

Well, I love keeping track of the latest evolutions in cyberspace. I enjoy technology and computers, waste lots of time reading up on it and the newest Internet hypes. A week or so ago I wrote a blog article on Blogger about The ultimate blogger. People who broadcast live 24/7 on the Internet, in true Big Brother style, are the new hype so to say in cyberspace. We all know portals like Stickam were you can broadcast yourself live as an ‘entertainer’ or simply video-chat with other members whenever we feel like it. But, a new project called justin.tv is taking it to the next step…

The father of the project is Justin Kan. He started out with a pilot project with just his own streaming channel, later many others joined and in the end became a succes, receiving media attention worldwide.

The biggest star of justin.tv is Justine Ezarik with her channel ijustine

Here is an interview with her about her viral video about her 300 pages iphone bill:

When I first blogged about it, I was somewhat sceptical of the whole ordeal. I am far from a Big Brother fan or anything remotely like it. But since writing about it for the first time, I checked her channel now and then. And I have to say: I liked it. It’s not like Big Brother at all. It’s real. No missions to do, just her everyday life. And you as an Internet citizen can follow her to the store, when she goes out to buy a coffee, and so on and so on…

I’m not a regular viewer, but it’s great to kill time when I am bored. It’s fun, it keeps me occupied and the fact that she can be really funny helps too.

Everything is being recorded and broadcast live on the Internet for all to see, but some might ask themselves: How? Well, technical details and more information on justin.tv are here.

Personally I prefer to watch Justine Ezarik her channel, but of course there are many more out there. Some of them even have a blog!

I now and then drop by Sarah Meyers. She’s a video journalist and even has a blog right here on WordPress

And lest we forget, Justin – the founder of justin.tv – also has a channel. He casts a live feed behind the scenes of his project. You can watch it here!

The entire on-line project follows the idea of sousveillance, which means recording an event or activity from the participant of the event.

Now, this entire phenomenon I found extremely fascinating. It has already been compared with edtv of the movie The Truman show. And to be honest, it reminds me of it. It REALLY reminds me of it. In The Truman show the main character (played by Jim Carrey) is the focal-point of a soap opera TV-show based around his life. And it was a popular show at that. Is our society becoming like the one in The Truman show. Is reality TV really that interesting, I don’t know… I normally don’t watch and now look at me. Why is this so fascinating? Perhaps because we can recognize ourselves in it, because it’s so close to our everyday lives or perhaps it is the secret desire many people have, to know what our neighbour is doing. Or one of our friends or a stranger on the street. Perhaps it’s just mere curiosity that is part of us being human. Who knows?

But there is more on justin.tv than just the lives of the living. Even ghosts and ‘the shadow people’ have found their way to the Internet and have now joined the life-casting (or dead-casting?) society.

You can follow a team during their ‘paranormal investigations’ on-line on the livescifi channel. And as you know, everything with the word sci-fi attracts my undivided attention. And yes, they have even put video fragments on the Internet of ‘shadow men’. Is it real? I don’t know. I leave that to you to decide, but there is something there for sure. Weird… Here is it:

Here is some more information on the shadow people or shadow beings

There, that is everything I wanted to mention in this post. Oh no wait… I’m not done yet. Here is something else. The naked cowboy has his own channel too!

You can watch it here


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  1. Hi there! I hope you keep watching and if you want to know when the good times to watch are go to http://sarahmeyers.net/live

    Comment by sarahmeyers | September 27, 2007 | Reply

  2. Don’t worry. I’ll keep watching. I hope you’ll keep reading my blog! I’m going to start updating very soon. I’ve just been very busy lately. Love your channel.

    Comment by oneandonlyhypnos | September 27, 2007 | Reply

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