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Stars meet their fate… younger

According to a new study Rock and Pop stars are twice as likely to die young than the general population.

The study took into account the deaths in the Rock/Pop scene during the last fifty years in both Europe aswell as the United States. During that time about 100 famous musicians died, most of the deaths were to blame on long-term effects of alcohol abuse and assorted drug problems. In the research well known names pop up such as Jimmy Hendrix who died from a cocktail of alcohol and nine sleeping pills or Jimmy Morrison who died of a suspected heroin overdose.

North American stars seem to die a little older than the European stars. But after about 25 years of becoming famous, the European stars return to the death rates of the general population, while the North American stars continue to suffer from high death rates according to the study.

And what is the cause of this higher death rate? Most likely the wild lifestyle stars tend to have, involving alcohol, drugs, …

This reminds me of the news reports we have been seeing lately of such stars as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, such as this one:

An article on Lindsay Lohan about driving under influence.

What really struck me about all of this, is the fact that during the research it also came to light that a new Rock/Pop star is twice as likely to die during the first five years of becoming famous. It would seem that glitter and glamour are to be paid with the ultimate price. When I was young I – just like many others no doubt- dreamed of becoming rich and famous. Just the idea of driving through Hollywood in a limo and being able to get anything I want, being adored everywhere I went, was exciting to me. It would be ‘to die for’. Now, I would think twice before considering a career in show-business. I might not have an exciting life nowadays. But it sure beats laying in a coffin any day of the week.

But would I wind up like this? Or you for that matter? I always wonder what causes this. How do you turn out like this, and why is not every celebrity suffering from substance abuse problems. I honestly don’t know how this can be. Perhaps it’s because these stars have everything already and are looking for a new kick. Something to do, to experience. Or perhaps they want to forget their personal problems, that on top of it all are being exposed to the entire world because of the press. How would you feel I you get a divorce and everything is followed by the entire world and every word you speak recorded, picked apart and used against you? How would you feel if everything you said is a reason to be ridiculed. Perhaps, it’s not really the fault of the stars themselves, but because of the society we live in and how we deal with people. Or in case of celebrities, how we don’t deal with them. They are being treated not as people…But as both gods and lowlife at the same time. One day they are it and everybody wants them, the other day their name is dragged through the mud and their faces plastered over the internet and tv…

Here is something I found on Youtube about the death of Jimmy Hendrix, just wanted to share it with you:


September 5, 2007 - Posted by | entertainment, music, video

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  1. And a lot of good musicains have gone that way.. So sad.

    Comment by Lady | September 6, 2007 | Reply

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