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Sexy hips…

…Yes, sexy hips. Who or what am I talking about? Good question, and as you well know, you never know for sure when talking to a nerd. But, of course it is not very difficult to gather who I am talking about. I am a nerd, spend way too much time behind the computer and tv and have no life. So, it must be some celeb that I am ranting about at this moment. And she is famous for her sexy hip movements. Ergo, I am talking about Shakira and her famous belly-dances and amazing voice.

Not surprisingly I have a thing for Shakira. I can’t help it, Who doesn’t digg a chick who plays the guitar? The more I think about it, the more she becomes the embodiment of the perfect girl. She is an exotic beauty with a varied multicultural background, her father is an American of lebanese-catholic ‘extration’ and her mother is a Colombian of Italian-Spanish decent. Wow, that’s five nations. On top of that, according to Wikipedia she has an IQ of 140. Great, brains and beauty. Plus, I can’t stand stupid people. Which is very natural since my IQ is so high nobody has ever been able to measure it. (Oh I am such a narcissist)

She can dance, belly-dance, has amazing vocal abilities and Shakira doesn’t only sing in English (because we hear that enough already), she sings in Spanish too. That I find refreshing, for now anyway. More and more artists are dropping Spanish and Portugese lines in their lyrics these days and it won’t be long before I get tired of it.

And thanks to Shakira I found out that I actually like the Spanish language and have recently started studying. Thank you Shakira for the many hours I will spend behind my desk cramming words and Spanish grammar in my thick skull. But, it’s worth it. It’s a world language and it sounds sexy. Well, except when some fat Mexican guy starts jibba jabbing… *sigh*

And lucky that I am, I just happened to have an old Spanish course lying around the attic. If I study hard enough, soon I might understand what she is singing about in this clip…

Wish me luck! Oh, and well now. I just did my very first nerd rant on my blog. About the Spanish language and Shakira! The things I don’t occupy myself with day to day.

Want to know more about Shakira? Click here.


August 17, 2007 - Posted by | music, rant, Shakira, Spanish

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  1. yeah baby, shake it!

    Comment by Ed Tajchman | August 18, 2007 | Reply

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