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Tesla coil

Behold: The biggest Tesla coil of Oklahoma in all its beauty and sci fi like splender:

You want to know what a Tesla coil is? Click here and find out!

I always liked that sort of light show…


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Are we internet junkies looking for a fix?

I guess so…

While surfing the web I found this CNN article about technology and internet addiction.

Appearantly there’s a debate going on concerning excessive internet use and excessive gaming in relation to mental illness. Well, in fact it could be considered a mental illness according to some. A sort of addiction…And yes, there are people out there who do show symptoms of withdrawl:

“‘I’m not a doctor; I’m not an expert on addiction,” says Levy (speaking on a regular cell phone). “But this certainly looks like an addiction. It has all the characteristics — people who are away from it have a craving to get back to it; it interrupts normal social intercourse, etc.””

I am sure that just about everybody who reads this now, knows someone that has to a more or lesser extent symptoms of addiction to the internet, games or computers. Perhaps we all do… How much time don’t we spend behind the computerscreen typing and gaming away?How would your day look like if you didn’t have your cell phone? Your palmtop, laptop, e-mail or computer games? What would you do? Let me guess…watch tv? I think we are all addicted up to a point. The matrix has us!

Of course not everybody agrees with the idea of internet addiction in the article. A psychiatrist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is quoted as stating:

“Computers are such an integral part of our life that in a certain sense we’re all addicted to the technology,” he says. “But we’re ‘addicted’ in the same way that we’re ‘addicted’ to automobiles.”

Perhaps… Still I think there is something to the whole addiction idea. Am I an internet junkie?

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Mac browser for windows

Since I am on-line way too much, I am always on the look out for a new browser. Why? I guess it’s an obsession. At this very moment I am running both Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Since I am a curious guy and always wanted to know how it feels to surf the web Mac style, I downloaded the Beta version of the Safari browser for windows today. I installed it straight away and I must say. It is great!

The browser has a slim look, is stylish and from what I can tell up until now quite handy. What I like most is the option ‘private surfing’. You can turn this on or off as you please. When activated, no passwords will be saved automatically by your browser, no browser history or google searches are stored and so on. This way you can easily share the same computer with multiple persons, without the risk of them knowing your passwords or favorite sites. Quite handy for big households.

You can customize the browser as you see fit. You can hide the toolbar whenever you want, the statusbar,…

Here is the link if you want to download it and try it out. And don’t worry, you do not have to give in your mail adress if you do not wish to. Just uncheck the boxes, leave the enter form blank and click download.

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