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This name probably doesn’t ring a bell, unless when you know the show or are a real sci-f addict. The movie Serenity is a science fiction movie by Josh Whedon. The creator of Buffy and Angel. His third show – namely Firefly – is unfortunately less known. It only ran for one season, while it deserved so much more. For those of you who have never heard of it before: The show takes place in the distant future. Mankind left planet earth in search of new resources. Why? ‘Because the earth got used up’, or so they say in the titlesequence. A mass migration takes place to another system, where planets and moons are terraformed in order to sustain human life. The people that left earth speak both chinese and english, since these are the two future superpowers. You will hear chinese spoken often in the movie, especially when they curse.

An alliance is formed on the new worlds and everything is brought under control of one centralized government. Not everbody agrees with that and a civil war erupts. The Browncoats versus the Alliance. This actually mirrors the American civil war. The Browncoats lose and the Alliance takes over. The story arch of Firefly and the movie Serenity follows a group of people who live on the edge of the system and try to elude Alliance control. They are criminals, living a rough life and struggle to survive. One the main character is the captain of Serenity, a firefly class starship , he was on the losing side of the war and chose life in space over living under control of the Alliance.

The movies picks up were the show left off and ends the main story arch of the show. Namely that of River Tam. I am not going to explain all of this though. You had better see the movie for yourself. It is worth it! Here is the trailer

And the intro to the show:

As you can see in the trailer and the intro. The movie has a wild west feel to it. This is one of the thing I really like about the show and the movie. Who hasn’t watched westerns in their youth? Or sci fi? Well, now they are combined in one show. And it is fantastic! A mixture of futuristic elements and archaic technology, of history and future. A must see.


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