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Yesterday I was a very lucky nerd . I found a game that I had been looking for, for a very long time: Farcry. And it only costed me five or six bucks. A real bargain that I could not refuse.

Finally I can enjoy the great graphics, a tropical island, a strange story and a hail of bullets flying over my virtual head. And since I am a very masochistic gamer, the difficulty setting challenging was activated. Not even the hardest setting yet. (I feel like a whimp, should have gone for the hardest setting)

I haven’t found much out about the story yet, other than that I am stranded on a tropical island in the pacific that’s filled with mercenaries and that some weird experiments are taking place there.

What has struck me though is the Artificial Intelligence in the game. It is very refined and the enemies in the game work together, make tactical decisions, have strategies and are overall very impressive. This just makes it clear to me again that AI is advancing every day. Anyways, to give you folks an idea of the feel of the game. Here is the official trailer(thank God for youtube, I say this on all my blogs)


August 9, 2007 - Posted by | games

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